LED Light Therapy Unit (LEDT)

Product Discription

The LED light therapy unit consists of a RISC Microcontroller to process the desired frequencies and deliver an extremely accurate output. The accuracy is further enhanced by a variable capacitor on the crystal to adjust the input frequency using an accurate frequency counter. Four-digit accuracy is guaranteed i.e. NO dials to turn and measure with a external meter (NO 555 TIMER!). The adjustment to the crystal is only done on a yearly basis due to aging of the crystal, to guarantee four and five digit accuracy. The Microcontroller drives a HEXFET which has extremely low ON Resistance and fast switching times. Due to space and cost considerations the input to the computer was limited to only two switches, and the visual output was limited to six T1 LED's thereby keeping cost to a minimum without sacrificing the functionality and accuracy of the unit. The unit consists of six 660nm LED's each with a output of 10,500 mcd for a total of 63,000 mcd. These LED's are driven from a constant voltage source so when battery voltage drops to 5.2 volts you will still be getting the maximum output. Voltage source can be either a 9 Volt battery or a wall transformer. Battery life is approximately 10 hours of constant use. Frequency List & Instructions

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