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Thank you for visiting this website. The purpose of this website is to enable people to build and use machines for medical problems. I make no claims or will I instruct you in the use of these circuits, outside of the standard electronic perimeters. The basis for good research dictates that a known frequency be used in Rife type work. The circuits provided assume that you already have a frequency source. Any good digital display function generator form zero to two megahertz will work. You may want to purchase one that will go to twenty or thirty megahertz if you want to build some of the future circuits that will be presented here. I have a range of circuits that I hope will be of use, as well as new ones that will be of some interest.

Please feel free to contact me as to questions or suggestions for circuits. People wanting to manufacture circuits for sale I can provide my engineering services as well as set you up with a contract manufacture.


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