Dumpster Dive

OK here we go ...

Ever wonder what happens to the disposable cameras ? When you take them to get developed the film is taken out and the body is recycled. The film people get 25 cents for each flash camera. Most of them take out the battery because it is still good. If you go to where you get your film developed usually they will give you a half dozen or more for free. (Hint take your kids tell them it is a school project. Ha Ha). If you have to you can pay them the 25 cents for each camera.

Now take out the flash unit and modify it to the drawing attached. The selection of R1 is done by checking the data sheet for the transistor used and providing enough drive so that the transistor is operated in saturation mode. You don't need a switch as the unit won't be on without a signal.

Do not put any resistance in the secondary. If you need to turn down the voltage/current use a shorter ON duty cycle on the frequency generator.

Connect a scope across the secondary with pads connected to body. Depending on the skin resistance will determine the amount of dampened wave and voltage. The transformer should go 30 Khz to 40 Khz with no problem.

Have a SHOCKING good time ...... dave

PS: Save the photoflash cap for other projects...

PSS: If the cap is charged before you take apart the camera your are in for some SHOCKING news. Take the necessary action.


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