New Pictures 12/26/01

Finally got the darn thing to work consistently. The 005 picture is running at 200kc with no modulation, 10 amps at 10 volts. The 006 is 220kc with 880 mod. 11volts at 11 amps. The system is all cmos with the carrier being supplied by a 4047. A 4070 to give the complementary outputs . A 4011 for the mod. control and a 4426 mosfet driver . Had to use a small signal transistor to allow the Kinnaman to gate the 4011. This setup does not like any carrier over 368kc and am getting the best performance electrically from 220kc. As you can see the bulb is bright and at some settings the gas is almost all totally involved and it is hard to see the elements. All the best Don

Now that I have it so it works consistently I can play some. The #18 picture shows it operating from a 12vdc-8.5amp supply at 8 amps and 11.8 volts for > 94.4 watts. Not a lot of power but it lights up quite nicely.