Rife Machine Under $99 Bucks

WOW that looks like one of those $4000.00 to $5000.00 units!! I call this machine (lets see) the BioEM 2000 (good name... not to be confused with other machines that may look simular). I mean if you are going to get your feet wet and do some serious Rife zapping why not start out on a budget..and have a good machine besides. This machine uses a high voltage coil instead of RF, I say for the money give it a try. It took me two afternoons and one night to do everythng, should take you a lot less because the software is done. The first step is to do some dumpster diving. You will need a good 286 to 486 computer with monitor and keyboard. The power supply should be at least 200 Watts or more. If you don't like to dumpster dive pick one up at a garage sale for $10 to $20 bucks (or free after Sunday afternoon)

The hardest part was to make the mounting frame. A good friend at a sheetmetel shop helped me. What you need to make is very simular to a 5.25" universal mounting frame for 3.4" floppy drives. This is what all of the components mount on. You may want to just mount the components to the inside of the computer thats OK by me.

Now let's build the sucker ... First gut the computer of all non-essential components to free up the power supply (cd drives extra interface cards etc. my computer only has one 3.5" floppy) You will need a 2N6059 Transistor Q1, Ignition Coil (PICTURE) for a 86-95 Buick with standard Delco ignition for 2.5L or 3.1L engine. Use of this coil provides for separation of primary and secondary windings. R1 220 Ohm 1/4Watt 5% Resistor. and a 38,000 uf cap @ 16 Volts. Connections are stright forward use the yellow and black wires that connect to the disk drives comming out of the power supply. Q1 should be mounted on a heat sink. Use spark plug wires and connectors to connect the coil to the rife tube.

Well there you have it a machine you can build for under $99 bucks. (I know the pictures has my panatron tube in them and no thats not included!!) But ... I could have included the one I had made for $30 bucks at a neon shop. OK let's add it all up ... Computer - Free, Coil about $32.00, Cap transistor and other electronic stuff about $20.00, Hardware spark plug wires screws etc. about $10.00, Neon plasma tube $30.00, Software FREE, Two six-packs of beer about $7.00 (I said it took two days to do didn't I) that comes to $99.00

Any one wanting the software or would like to discuss making this technology avaiable to people on a low budget contact me. And yes this machine is for sale, price ... well let's see ... reasonable markup (like some people) ... how about $3999.00 bucks that should do it ....N O T...!!

Software Download the program freq.exe and the table of frequencies and times treatmnt.txt you can edit/make your own files and name them whatever you want. To run the program type "freq" at the dos prompt. The program will ask you for the patient name you can supply the name and it will put it into a file called patient.dta with the Date, Time and treatment file used. If you just hit return leaving it blank no entry will be posted. Next it will ask for the treatment file to run, type it in and hit return it will start. Hitting any key will skip the cruuent frequency and hitting (Esc) will terminate the program. [Alternate Software Autoseq ]

The treatment file must begin with the off/on times if you don't want gating use 0,.2 as you still need the time on. This number is the time it will spend on one frequency as the program will deviate -5 to +5 Hertz. If you run the program with the speaker hooked up you can here the slight pitch change when you run the program. You must include the 0,0 at the end ... do it twice to be sure.

Sample Treatment File..

.125,.125      Off Time, On Time  .125 will gate at 4Hz
120,45         Frequency, Time in seconds
435,45         The Frequency must be at least 42Hz
0,0           You must put a 0,0 at the end
0,0           It is best to do this twice

Construction Notes: The case of the transistor MUST be insulated from the computer case when heat sinking. Before firing up the system and connecting the speaker wire run the program to check everything is working. When connecting to the speaker disconnect the speaker from the motherboard hook to one terminal of the motherboard and if it does not work use the other terminal. Remember that the coil is hooked to the speaker so when you turn on the computer it will normally BEEP which will fire the coil.

Other Ideas:You could use a TV flyback transformer in place of the car coil. Flyback transformers can go from about 15Khz to about 70Khz this could then be modulated with the Rife frequencies. The extra parts needed would be few. Another thing that could be done is to remove the 1.17Mhz signal going into the 8254 chip timer #3 and replace it with a stable 10Mhz clock (cost about 5 Bucks). With the program change you could get very accurate frequencies as well as resolutiion.

Please Note: I am assuming that you know a good general knowledge of electronics, so PLEASE don't bug me with these questions as I have a life and also need to still make some bucks to live on (not selling these machines though). I would welcome discussing these other ideas with someone knowledgable in electronics and would share what is worked on.


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